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The Tale of Boho Closet Boutique

The Tale of Boho Closet Boutique

The story of Boho Closet Boutique began in 1995 when a handsome North Dakotan named Mark traveled south to open a car and home audio store in Aberdeen, South Dakota. In the beginning he decided to rent out part of his kingdom to a man who began a music store called CD Exchange. They prospered in business and life was good. But the handsome North Dakotan was still without a partner to make his life complete. In 2002, Mark stumbled upon his future wife, JoAnn, at a halloween party, he a nerdy postman, she, a high school cheerleader. They fell in love over a keg of cheap beer and two years later, they were married. Around this time, Mark's renter decided he would like to sell his music store so Mark and JoAnn decided to share their space in business as well as in life. Unfortunately for the happy couple, dark times lay ahead. The music business was in steady decline. It became apparent to JoAnn that after many successful years, technology would not be denied. It was time for a change. So in 2009, she decided to focus exclusively on her first love, fashion; expanding her existing clothing and accessory lines and phasing out the music. CD Exchange faded into history and Boho Closet Boutique was born.

At Boho Closet Boutique, we specialize in blending the latest trends with our feminine, bohemian, free spirit vibe. All pieces are carefully hand selected for style, comfort and price...uniqueness and funk. We want to bring you all of the most precious pieces we can find and make sure you have everything a girl needs to create your own effortless style...this cute and eclectic boutique is all about being a woman...showing your love of friendship, fun, and family through fashion. We want to invite you to share in our ever-changing and growing experience... After all these years, this love story is still very much in the making.

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