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The 8 Top Shacket Styles for Fall/Winter 2023

The 8 Top Shacket Styles for Fall/Winter 2023

The shacket is still going strong for the fall/winter 2023/24 season.  The weather is once again in it's transitional time which means it's time to level up your  shacket game! They have become the perfect layering piece and add that final touch to any outfit. There are so many new, elevated styles trending right now, and if you are like us and like to stay classic yet unique with your outerwear pieces, here are some of the best looks for this season!

1. Best Longline Shacket

Clearly A Classic Coat - $44.99

A longline shacket is never going to go out of style. They bring a sense of sophistication and class to an outfit without being complicated and hard to style. When pairing a longline shacket with a dress, you make a classy and feminine outfit. When pairing the shacket with jeans and a top you then make a more casual and easy-going outfit. If you are looking for an easy longline shacket, this one is for you! 


2. Best Minimalist Shacket

Get Your Khaki Caplet On - $59.99

Owning anything minimalistic is a must! Minimalistic pieces can go with anything and everything in your closet. This shacket is one of a kind and has a neckline that you can wear folded down or popped up. The wide sleeve brings a trendy feel to the shacket while still being timeless. 

3. Best Everyday Shacket

Forever Autumn Jacket - $44.99

You can never go wrong with white. It's timeless, wearable and most of all they are comfortable. This shacket features a chevron design that adds texture and uniqueness, while the base of the shacket is classic and easy. For those looking into getting a timeless yet unique shacket look no further! 

4. Best Denim Shacket

Forever In A Blue Denim Jacket - $59.99

Denim is one of those things that will never be out of style, but it is still important to update our denim to match not only our lifestyle but our closet as well. If you live in a hot area you won't want to be wearing a thick jacket. Going for a thin denim shacket would be a much better idea since they are lightweight and can pair with many things. That goes both ways as well, this shacket works more for those who are wanting a thinner jacket that still provides some warmth for the colder months. 

5. Best Leather Shacket

Every Rose Has It's Thorns Jacket - $59.99

Want to add a bit of spice to your outfit? A leather/pleather shacket does just that! It makes your outfits look edgy and cool while also remaining feminine and classic. This shacket in particular has different textured sleeves for an added interest along with matching pleather buttons down the front.

6. Best Vest Shacket

Angels In A Fleece Vest - $57.99

Vests are an easy way to add a little bit a warmth and detail to your outfits. There are so many different kinds of vests, whether it be denim, leather, or even fleece. This fleece vest has a slight drop shoulder and also 4 pockets. Along with buttons that go down the front. The brick color is perfect for end of summer and the fall season.

7. Best Multi-Media Shacket

November Rain Button Up Jacket - $49.99

This shacket features a sweatshirt material through most of the jacket, and a stunning knit sweater material on the hood and sleeves. Having a mixed material outerwear piece can really tie in an outfit and bring some texture. The color palette is neutral so it makes it even easier to pair with other items that are in one's closet. 

8. Best Cropped Shacket

Tickle Me Pink Plaid Jacket - $44.99

Cropped shackets are amazing for those who are more petite or those who just want a shorter length. This shacket is one of a kind not only for it's color, but also for it's tweed texture on the piece. The white and black stitching makes it easy to pair with neutral colors and other basic pieces. 
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